Super Earth Kit

Ibex Super Earth Kit

Ibex Super Earth Kits are designed to provide sufficient earthing for Electrified Perimeter Fencing and Power Systems. It is a high quality product for trouble free earthing solutions.

Having wide use of electric fencing system in India and world over, we have tested and extended our Super Earth Kit for the safe functioning of electric equipment and domestic applications.

Provides effective earthing (grounding) particularly in difficult or poor earthing soil ( sandy, pumice, stony, ash etc.). One Super Earth kit is equivalent to three conventional earth stakes.


  • Simple, rapid, safe and easy to install
  • Compact and supplied as one kit set
  • It ensures effective earthing for HT, LT & ideally suited for Solar Power Plants
  • Galvanized clamps to withstand adverse weather conditions and to ensure firm connections
  • Tested and approved by the Govt Laboratory.


  • Earth Kit contains: Super earth mixture, SS Rod, Galvanized Clamps
  • Dimensions: Length = 1.2M, Weight = 5Kg
  • Stainless Stell is made of AISI 304 grade steel.