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Together Bill Gallagher Senior and a mischievous horse called Joe sparked a revolution in farming practises of the day.

Choosing the family car as a scratching post, Joe inspired Bill Gallagher Senior to solve the problem by electrifying the car. Joe got the message and the concept for New  Zealand’s first ever electric fence system was born. It’s this ingrained spirit to push boundaries, using decades of field expertise from around the world, which sets Gallagher apart. And we never, ever, take our eye off the reason we’re here – to work alongside our customers to bring them brilliantly simple solutions that make farming life easier and more profitable.

An investment in electric fencing is an investment in more profitable farming.

It’s true that electric fencing takes less time, effort and cost than traditional fencing but it’s as a powerful pasture management tool where it brings most benefit. It gives farmers precise control over feed to allow allocation of pasture and other forages through permanent and temporary sub divisions.

Animal Control Fence is purely a psychological barrier. The principle involves the passage of a series of electric pulses, one pulse every 1 to 1.2 seconds, through galvanized wires of the fence. When an animal touches the fence, it closes an electric circuit by grounding and an impulse travels through the body of the animal causing sudden muscular spasms and lasts for 3 milli seconds. This jolt is painful but very safe. Having experienced the shock, the animal will never try to negotiate the fence again.

At the outset it should be emphasized that ours is a unique product, developed systematically over 75 years by our Head Office  – The Gallagher Group Limited, New Zealand to prevent crop damage by animals both feral and domestic. 


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Ibex Gallagher Private Limited (IGPL), based at Bangalore has been at the forefront of manufacture and promotion of electric fencing systems under the brand name of PowerFenceTM for industrial and agricultural applications for over 20 years now.

The company has a joint venture partnership with the Gallagher Group Ltd., New Zealand, world leaders in Animal Control Fence technology. The Gallagher group was established 75 years ago and their operations spread across 130 countries.
Ibex Gallagher pioneered the introduction of electrified fencing systems in India. The
Animal Control Fence has brought revolutionary changes in the agricultural sector with its dependable, reliable and cost effective solutions in protecting crops. Ibex Gallagher is also playing a leading role in mitigating man-animal conflicts in and around Protected Areas and Wildlife Reserves.

Effective and Safe:

The energizers that powers the fence emits a high voltage pulse every 1.2 seconds. Any animal which comes in contact with the fence while trying to enter the field receives a painful but safe shock. The Animal Control Fence is not only a physical barrier but also a psychological barrier preventing animal intrusion.

Application Area:

Be it a small holding of a marginal farmer whose land abuts a protected sanctuary or a major plantation, Ibex Gallagher Animal Control Fence systems are used to effectively control crop damage from animals and vandalism & theft in tea and coffee estates.
Apart from this, Ibex Gallagher
Animal Control Fence has been successfully employed by the forest departments and wildlife research organizations in mitigating man-animal conflicts. Studies by eminent wildlife biologists have shown that Animal Control Fence systems effectively control crop damage by wildlife. The system is also employed for controlled grazing in afforestation areas using Animal Control Fence to save their crops from elephants, pigs, cattle and other herbivores.

All crops including plantations can be saved from any species. A wide range of solar
Animal Control Fence designs to control animals from pigs to elephants have been developed. The benefits are many:

  •  Active Deterrent: Designed energy levels on the fence effectively deters the animal. 
  • Round the clock vigilance: The Animal Control Fence works throughout the day on a 24/7 basis without a break. No longer does a farmer / employee have to keep awake and alert to verbally / physically scare off animals. 
  • Environment friendly: All Ibex Gallagher Animal Control Fence systems for crop damage control work on solar energy. The systems are totally eco-friendly reducing man-animal conflicts, protecting not only crops but also wildlife species.
  • Total System: We supply a total system and not individual parts and components. This ensures that the customer gets a highly efficient, effective and reliable system. 
  • Long lasting: Effective design, use of high quality components and proper installation ensure long life of parts and the fence.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Animal Control Fence systems consume very little power and do not require continuous maintenance. The only requirement is to keep the fence line clear of vegetation.
  • Service: Our network provides prompt service and support. We also undertake annual Operational Maintenance Contracts through our authorized dealers for regular upkeep of the Animal Control Fence system.

Satisfied Customer:

Our satisfied customers strongly believe in the efficacy of our Animal Control Fence. A partial list includes several marginal and poor farmers, forest departments, agriculture universities, Wildlife Institute of India animal husbandry, seed production units, nursery owners, plantations, research agencies, horticulture units, non-conventional energy resource agencies, horticulture units, elephant camps and deer parks to name a few.

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