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Ibex Gallagher Private Limited, based at Bangalore, has for over two decade been in the forefront of manufacturing and promotion of electric fencing systems, known the world over as perimeter security systems, for agricultural and industrial applications. The company has a joint venture partnership with Gallagher Group Ltd., New Zealand, who is the world leader in perimeter security and Access Control System with a global presence stretching across 130 nations.

 Ibex Gallagher successfully introduced and popularized the concept of electric fence system in India through installations at the various forest and agricultural segments.

  • Gradually, the perimeter security system was introduced to meet the security needs of industrial and strategically sensitive establishments.
  • Ibex Gallagher’s operations are based at Bangalore with marketing and servicing activities supported through a network of System Integrators who are imparted extensive training by Ibex on all aspects of electric fence design, construction and upkeep.
  • Consequent to successful commissioning of high security perimeter security system at leading and prestigious organizations in both private as well as the public sector, including
    • The Parliament House, New Delhi
    • Cabinet Secretariat – HQ, New Delhi
    • Intelligence Bureau – HQ, New Delhi
    • ISRO (8 locations)
    • Wipro offices
    • HAL (Most of the divisions in India)
    • Reliance ADA with more than 1300 door access control solution
  • Executed almost 220 high sensitive sites in India.
  • Complying to Bureau of Indian Standards, having prepared comprehensive safety standards for electrical fencing in India and the Ibex Gallagher unit at Bangalore, engaged in manufacturing and export of critical fence components also to the Gallagher Group for worldwide distribution, meets ISO 9001:2008 & QS 9000 certification.
  • Patents, registered designs, trademarks and copyrights protect several of Gallagher’s state of the art designs, perimeter systems and components.
  • Ibex Gallagher is securing millions of assets with the esteemed list of customers.
  • Ibex Gallagher has executed around 200 crore of orders till date of which biggest installation is at UREDA for 750kms of electric fence.

Animal Management Division: Ibex Gallagher Animal Management Systems has more than 25 years experience in developing the very best Animal Control fence solutions. Gallagher Animal Control fence systems, combined with our separate company Franklin Gates, are known for developing technologically superior, fully integrated solutions for animal Improving on-farm performance is at the fore for most farmers and we have responded to this by developing our ‘Smart’ product range, an intuitive range of products that simplify farm management tasks for farmers. Smart power is the latest generation of Gallagher  Animal Control fence Energizers, developed with on board intelligence. It monitors fence status and responds to power fluctuations automatically, only generating alarms when farmer intervention is required. Performance statistics are displayed digitally so farmers can immediately diagnose any.

 Security Solution Division:

  • Perimeter Security: Ibex Gallagher Security System is the first line of defense, and provides a physical and psychological barrier to deter would be intruders. These security systems are being used by some of the India’s largest companies and institutions, including the Parliament House, Intelligence Bureau – HQ, Cabinet Secretariat - HQ, and Correction facilities and R&D Departments. Gallagher Security Systems have created some of the world’s most effective perimeter security systems. That’s because protecting people, intellectual property and physical assets is our main focus. This highly developed technology accurately detects and generates alarms on attempts to breach the perimeter fence, without generating false warnings. The technology detects attacks on specific fence zones so security teams can focus their response on that exact incident point. There is a solution for businesses of all sizes and return on this investment starts on day one, with no further security breaches, peace of mind for the owner, and a safe and secure environment inside the fenced zone.
  • Enterprise Access Control Solution: Gallagher Command Center security systems are the latest generation access control and intruder alarm technology from Gallagher Security Management Systems. These security systems are incredibly accurate, unobtrusive and reliable, and have been installed internationally for many market leading companies in sectors including transport, education and health. Some of our clients include the Reliance ADA, Hexaware, HPCL and universities.

Gallagher access control systems have been designed, manufactured and marketed for more than two decades. Today, Gallagher (Formerly Cardax) systems are installed on thousands of sites internationally. Gallagher Access Control System provides a scalable security system with unique security features. Set into an organization IT network, stores information about cardholders, the site, and system activity. The system integrates access control and intruder alarm management to deliver a single user interface and audit trail. High security data encryption is used to prevent technical attack by both internal and external intruders. The system is also internet capable and has the ability to work across geographical and time zone boundaries.